Learn French the FUN way!

EXPLORUM offers hands-on workshops to 5-12-year-olds, where every child does their own guided activity independently or in a group; cleverly playful STEAM Workshops en français either virtually or on-site!

EXPLORUM comes to you: school or daycare to enrich your programs.

School days, holidays, PA days, festivals, or any of your special days!

Personalised programs designed to meet your personal needs.

Proud to have been voted "Best of" by Toronto4Kids readers, three years in a row!

Available Programs

If you want an option but can't see it her, please contact us at [email protected]

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EXPLORation Workshops

STEAM workshops offered from Kindergarten to Grade 8 students during the school days to enrich your curriculum. Offered within the comfort of your own school either virtually or in person. Enhance your student's interest in Science through STEAM learning with our educational workshops offered at your school (no bussing or traffic to deal with).

Programs are lead in French for francophone and francophile students.

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Scientastic Camp

Scientastic Days
Explore the science in Arts projects and uncover the artistic side of Science with our diverse STEAM workshops! Add a touch of art, crafts and of course, sciences as part of your camp programming.

We offer 1 to 3 hours of activities during your camps, PA Days, Festivals or any other event that is special for you!


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For your curious ones who are interested in the fun aspect of STEAM, we offer weekly programs in the comfort of your school at lunchtime over the span of 6-12 weeks!

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STEAM after school

After-school care could be so much more with hands-on science and DYI arts that feed your kids' brains as well as their creativity!

Offered in the afternoon at participating schools and daycares. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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