STEAM workshops under theme of arts and games

Theme: Arts & Games

At the heart of this playful and creative adventure, children will have the opportunity to explore the magical world of games and arts, where imagination and creativity take center stage. They will be free to express their individuality, develop their critical thinking, and cultivate their appreciation for forms of artistic expression by creating toys and pieces of art through science. An enriching adventure where fun, creativity, and learning come together to promote children's personal development and well-being.

3D paint - K - Gr. 3

Paint that puffs? That's what happens when you add a touch of chemistry to art!

Use of microwave oven required

A white sheet with colorful paint on it.

Agamograph - K - Gr. 8

Art in motion? Someone by the name of Agam developed this artistic concept of an art piece that can be seen from two points of view… Is it art, cinema, optical illusion? It’s a bit of all of that, but most of all, it’s pretty! One art piece; 2 drawings; 2 points of view… Is it art, cinema, optical illusion? Actually, it’s a bit of all of that, but most of all, it’s pretty!

Two folded paper with different designs on them.

Articulated claw - Gr 4 +

We have lots of articulations in our body; our elbows, knees, shoulders… Let's build an articulated claw that can make our arm "longer."

Articulated claw

Chemistry for art - K - Gr. 2

Chemistry to make art? Shaving cream to make modern patterns? This is what will do in this series of experiments that combine art and chemistry!

A close up of the painting with red, yellow and blue colors.

Collage: Stained glass & Mosaic - K - Gr. 5

Take an image, two artistic techniques, a bit of luminosity and transparancy, and voila… two unique art pieces! Light plays tricks on us!


Different dough - K - Gr. 3

No clay? No play-dough? No problem! Let's make our own mixture to make dough with different properties to make decorative items.

Pâtes à modeler

Kaleidoscope - Gr 2 +

What is a kaleidoscope? An optical illusion? Magic? Art? Actually, it is a little bit all these things. We will solve this mystery by each making our own decorated instrument.

A pattern of colorful balls on black background.

Labyrinth or racing track - Gr 1 +

A maze or a racecourse? It depends on what you make! The more convoluted the course, the closer to a maze is becomes. But let’s not let our ambitions get in the way of our fun! We’ll start with a simple one and move our way up.

A red apple with yellow lines coming out of it.

Lava lamp - K - Gr 2

We all have been mesmerised by bubbles that slowly go up and down in a coloured solution. They look even better when they are OUR colourful bubbles! Let’s make chemical lava lamps that we can admire tirelessly.

A glass bottle with blue and yellow bubbles inside of it.

Paper puppet - Gr 1 - 3

My little paper puppet, you have 2 arms and 2 legs. I will pull on your threads and you will move… how fun is that?

Pantin articulé en papier

Paper making - Gr. 1 +

Instead of throwing out our used paper we are going to recycle them… not by putting them in a recycling bin, but we will give them another life: make new paper! As a bonus, we will decorate it to our liking!

Small groups only

A piece of paper with the letter h on it.

Physics in a flower - K - Gr. 5

Diffusion, absorption, chromatography, capillary action… a few big words to describe an artistic experiment!

A colorful flower with many colors on it

Roller coaster - Gr. 4 +

We can’t go to an amusement park every day, but we can make our own roller coaster and play with it when we want!

A wooden floor with some toy cars on it

Scribbling robot - Gr 4 +

What's the use of electricity, a part from light, heating, cooking, television, musique and plenty of other things that make our lives easier? Well, to have fun of course ! Let's make use of electric circuits to make a scribbling robot!

Thaumatrope - Gr 1 +

Optical illusion? Magic? Sciences? It’s a bit of all that! A thaumatrope teaches us about something called retinal persistence, which causes our eyes to mislead our brain into seeing something that isn’t!

A picture of two different images with the words mon thaumatrope

Yarn bowl - Gr 3 +

What a nice bowl! Let’s make our own useful art piece to store our keys, coins, or anything else you can think of…! A decorative bowl we do ourselves, what is prettier? Depending on the materials we use and the shape we mold, our bowl will have various uses… let’s explore, create and mostly, let’s have fun!

Two bowls are sitting on a table.

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