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Energetic, fun and knowledgeable presenters lead interactive and stimulating hands-on science experiments in French; children are exposed to the language, learn about everyday science and realise that science is all around us, even where we don't expect it.

EXPLORUM strengthens the French language in a scientific context and helps students develop an interest in Science in a fun way.

EXPLORUM responds to the needs of Grade 1 to 7 teachers wanting to enrich their French curriculum with entertaining yet educational programs.

How EXPLORUM Came About

The founders of EXPLORUM are firm believers of bilingual education that covers a variety of school subjects as well as the child’s personal interest and social life.

They live in Toronto and realise how difficult it is for parents to find fun and engaging extracurricular activities in French for their children.

They decided to create EXPLORUM, an organisation that presents exciting and inspirational experiments to students in French.

The programs are now offered in French immersion, francophone and bilingual schools and camps across the GTA.



Clear & Fun

The presenters, who are fluent in French, love science and are great with kids! They explain science concepts in French, in a clear and entertaining way using appropriate scientific terms adapted to the age and the academic level of the children. They will also complement the workshop with a few English words when needed.

Exploration & Questioning

The experiments are varied and are adjusted to the science and French levels of the children. Each young “scientist” has his/her own workstation where he/she experiments under the direction of an EXPLORUM supervisor.

Students learn without realising it, by exploring and questioning.


STEAM Approach

Using a STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach, EXPLORUM’s programs offer a fun and interactive supplement to the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum.

“Omg! My daughter came into the car tonight with tons to share about the science session today. She loved it and told me that she had the best time and that it was so much fun. She said...thank you mommy for letting me join this because I love science and this is perfect for me! Mme H. was so fun and really makes it interesting. Thanks a mil for creating a fun way to learn and enjoy science.”

Patricia T., mother of Grade 5 student

“Getting a better understanding of sciences is important for all students at all grade levels. What better way of learning than by doing and having fun?”

Grade 3 Teacher

"Bravo! You got my son excited about science today....he had to show me his display and told me that the sun is 400x bigger than the moon!”

Alina C., mother of Grade 3 student

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