STEAM workshops under theme of chemistry

Chemistry or magic?

This series of workshops where substances transform, reveals to children the different types of chemical reactions. They discover the fundamental principles of chemistry and consider the essential role of this science in our daily lives. Through simple and playful experiments as well as clear explanations, these workshops stimulate scientific curiosity and cultivate a lasting interest in the wonders of chemistry.

3D paint - K - Gr. 3

Paint that puffs? That's what happens when you add a touch of chemistry to art!

Requires access to a microwave oven.

A white sheet with colorful paint on it.

Bath bombs - K  - Gr. 3

Chemical reactions can be visual, calorific, auditory or even explosive. So what does that mean? It means that we are going to create a FIZZ: we are going to make bath bombs!

Bath bomb image

Bubbles - K - Gr. 3

We all blew little soap bubbles ; some were bigger than others… But have you ever concocted your own bubble solution? Have you tried making square bubbles? Let’s try all this in this messy (but clean) experiment!

A group of bubbles floating in the air.

Chemistry for art - K - Gr. 2

Chemistry to make art? Shaving cream to make modern patterns? This is what will do in this series of experiments that combine art and chemistry!

A close up of the painting with red, yellow and blue colors.

Crystal Star - Gr. 3 +

Can art and science co-exist? Can we create attractive crystals of different shapes? Of course! This is what we will do in this artistic and decorative experiment.

Étoile de cristal | Crystal Star

Different dough - K - Gr. 3

No clay? No play-dough? No problem! Let's make our own mixture to make dough with different properties to make decorative items.

Pâtes à modeler

Invisible ink - K - Gr. 2

Who would write an invisible message? Spies, magicians, lovers or friends exchanging secrets? Whatever our motive, we will make invisible ink, write a message and of course, discover the formula to reveal it.

A person putting a stamp on a piece of paper.

Lava lamp - K - Gr. 3

We all have been mesmerised by bubbles that slowly go up and down in a coloured solution. They look even better when they are OUR colourful bubbles! Let’s make chemical lava lamps that we can admire tirelessly.

A glass bottle with blue and yellow bubbles inside of it.

Natural plastic - Gr. 2 - 5

Make plastic out of milk? Thanks to magic!? no, thanks to science, we will transform milk molecules to make plastic. We will then compare our environmentally friendly plastic to industrial plastic.

Plastique naturel

pH indicator - Gr. 2 +

Potential Hydrogen, pH… sounds complicated! Let’s do a few experiments to explore this basic (or acidic) chemical concept.

A boy holding a ruler in his hands.

Poly-polymers - Gr. 1 +

Who doesn’t like playing with viscous, gooey, sticky and mysterious substances? In this chemistry experiment, we will produce strange polymers: sticky slime and a magic bouncing ball.

A blue ball of dough sitting on top of a table.

This is chemistry - Gr. 1 - 5

Mixing specific substances can produce heat, colour, bubbles or other interesting “things.” This is what chemistry is all about! Let’s do a few experiments together to illustrate some of these outcomes (and have fun)!

Two girls sitting at a table with balloons and cups.

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