STEAM workshops under theme of physics

Theme: Physics

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of forces, energy, and the fundamental laws of the universe. These workshops allow children to immerse themselves in the dynamic study of physics, to appreciate the logic and beauty of natural laws, and to develop critical thinking. Through engineering, optics, electricity, and mechanics workshops, children will have the unique opportunity to explore the basic principles of physics, discover natural phenomena, and understand the practical applications of these concepts in our daily lives.

A question of balance/Mobile - Gr. 2 +

How do you carry heavy weights without heavy machinery? Why did Archimedes say “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world?” We will explain this world-old year old phenomena in an uplifting experiment.

A wooden object is sitting on top of a table.

Articulated claw - Gr 3 +

We have lots of articulations in our body; our elbows, knees, shoulders… Let's build an articulated claw that can make our arm "longer."

Articulated claw

Balancing stick (20 minute filler) - Gr 1 +

Tightrope walking without fear of injury - science makes it possible!

En équilibre

Cannon/Catapult - Gr 1 +

Cannons are powerful and dangerous weapons based on Newton's principle of action-reaction physics. Let's recreate a mini-cannon to shoot cotton balls!

We all know that catapults were powerful and destructive medieval weapons based on a basic principle of physics. Let's recreate a simple catapult capable of launching cannonballs; no... paper balls!

A wooden platform with a hanging object on top.

Construction challenge - Gr 1 +

Who will build the highest, lightest, biggest most solid structure? With a little creativity, basic materials, and teamwork, we will build a table, a boat, a tower, shelves or something else… Whatever today’s challenge is, we are ready!

A small toy made out of popsicle sticks.

Density in colour - Gr 3 +

What is density? Does it have to do something with weight? Let's test this phenomenon with a solute in a solvent.

Tube à essai

Electric circuits - Gr 1 +

I turn on the light, warm my snack, watch TV… Without electricity, all this would not be possible! But, how does electricity circulate? How do you “cut” the current? An electrifying experiment will help us solve these mysteries.

Explore circuits

Electronic card - Gr 4 +

How do we combine electronics and creativity? We make a light-up card using electric circuits.

Circuits électriques

Helmet or parachute - Gr 1 +

Why use a helmet? What are the best materials to protect from a free fall? What are parachutes for? Let’s build and test the best defences and protections against a free fall in this experiment devoted to gravity.

Défi de construction - parachute

Kaleidoscope - Gr 2 +

What is a kaleidoscope? An optical illusion? Magic? Art? Actually, it is a little bit all these things. We will solve this mystery by each making our own decorated instrument.

A pattern of colorful balls on black background.

My car - Gr 4 +

A car is very common, but a car we built ourselves? That’s more unique! A source of energy (motorised version has additional $) engine, four wheels, our engineering talent, and voila, we have a car!

A toy car with wheels and batteries on it.

Scribbling robot - Gr 4 +

What's the use of electricity, a part from light, heating, cooking, television, musique and plenty of other things that make our lives easier? Well, to have fun of course ! Let's make use of electric circuits to make a scribbling robot!

Roller coaster - Gr. 4 +

We can’t go to an amusement park every day, but we can make our own roller coaster and play with it when we want!

A wooden floor with some toy cars on it

Solar oven - Gr. 4 +

Melt chocolate without fire, without an oven or a heater… how is that possible? By building a solar oven, of course!

A box with a lid open and a black window.

Stylus - Gr. 1 +

With our home-made stylus, we can control our phone! A wet hand or warm gloves will not deter us from using a screen… As a bonus, we can decorate it as we wish!

A red and black feather duster on top of a white wall.

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