STEAM workshops under theme of the environment


Through a series of workshops dedicated to the discovery and preservation of our environment, combining artistic activities, practical experiments, and fundamental discoveries, children will explore the wonders of nature and understand the importance of protecting our planet through simple daily actions. With a focus on biodiversity, recycling, water filtration and conservation, solar energy, and many other accessible topics, we encourage young people to develop an ecological awareness and a commitment to the protection of the planet.

Fake Fossils - Gr. 3 +

Fossils are the expression of the past, but nature takes thousands of years to make a fossil. In this experiment, we will speed up time and make fossils in a few minutes – fake ones of course! But we will understand how some of the real ones were formed.

Two girls are playing with a newspaper puzzle.

Filtration - Gr. 4 - 6

Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than 3% of it is drinkable. Filtering water allows us to use more of it. Let’s filter muddy waters to simulate natural and industrial filtration processes.

A person pouring water into a glass bottle.

Nice tree - K - Gr. 3

Sciences, arts, function, form… a little bit of each! Let’s be creative and build a tree from various articles from nature. We will study the purpose of each component in this imaginative activity.

A tree with branches and leaves on it

Oil Spill - Gr. 4 +

Catastrophe! The oil tanker had an accidental leak: 300,00 litres of crude oil poured near the coast. Both flora and fauna are affected! Let’s observe the consequences of an environmental upheaval.

Oil spill affecting birds

Paper making - Gr. 1 +

Instead of throwing out our used paper we are going to recycle them… not by putting them in a recycling bin, but we will give them another life: make new paper! As a bonus, we will decorate it to our liking!

Small groups only

A piece of paper with the letter h on it.

Plant needs (long term commitment) - Gr. 1 +

What is the relationship between a seed and a plant? Where do the leaves or stems come from? What does a seed or a plant need to grow? Let’s see all this in a long, slow-paced experiment.

Plant needs

Sismographe/Earthquake - Gr. 5 +

« Am I trembling or is earth shaking under my feet?” said Ulysses in his epic adventure in the land of the cyclops. He could have known if it’s an earthquake had he done this experiment…


Solar oven - Gr. 5 +

Melt chocolate without fire, without an oven or a heater… how is that possible? By building a solar oven, of course!

A box with a lid open and a black window.

Volcanic eruption - Gr. 1 +

Volcanic eruptions are generally disastrous: burning lava all the fumes that could be potentially deadly. Ours will be completely safe, if anything it will be artistic, innocent, and will guide us towards volcanism.

A person in white lab coat standing next to a pink fountain.

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