STEAM workshops under theme of math and geometry

Theme: Mathematics/Geometry

Welcome to the exciting world of math with a series of educational workshops where young curious minds will discover 3D shapes, time, symmetry in art, angles, dimensions, and much more in a playful and engaging manner. Through hands-on artistic, calculated, and measured activities, we will delve into the fascinating mysteries of the geometric universe.

3D Boxes - Gr 1 +

Make 3-dimensional (3D) boxes using a 2-dimensional paper and a pencil drawing that you created yourself! Cubes, cones and other shapes… just with a stroke of a pencil!


A group of three different colored boxes on top of each other.

Agamograph - K - Gr. 8

Art in motion? Someone by the name of Agam developed this artistic concept of an art piece that can be seen from two points of view… Is it art, cinema, optical illusion? It’s a bit of all of that, but most of all, it’s pretty! One art piece; 2 drawings; 2 points of view… Is it art, cinema, optical illusion? Actually, it’s a bit of all of that, but most of all, it’s pretty!


Two folded paper with different designs on them.

Anemometer - Gr. 4 +

An anemometre is an instrument to measure the speed of wind. Let's build one, understand how to use it to measure that speed and do the appropriate calculations to pretend we are meteorologists!



As time goes by... Gr. 3 +

Measuring time with water, sand or by observing a shadow? Yes, it is possible! Together, we will build instruments to measure time like people did thousands of years ago, with sand or water!


Le temps passe : Sablier

Geometric string art - Gr. 2 +

An art piece using string or yarn, what a great idea! Let’s create a star, an octagon, or other shapes to decorate while learning about geometry and symmetry!

A paper plate with some string on it

Paper balls - Gr. 1 +

Paper is flat, so how do turn it into a decorative 3D ball? Using geometry, a bit of math and our artistic talents, we can make original decorations for a garland, a crown or put in a basket. Let’s be creative and make decorative 3D pieces of different shapes and sizes.


A table with three paper balls on it

Paper city - Gr. 4 +

Where would you like to live? In a big city? A small village? In the countryside? By the sea? Here is your chance to create your own 3D city, with houses, buildings, streets, and you can add the scenery that you want. But, let's not get carried away; let's start with one or two 3D houses and grow our space one house at a time!


Paper city

Symmetry 2D/3D - K - Gr. 3

The circle is symmetrical in all its axes, the square and the rectangle are symetrical in 2 axes, but what about other geometric shapes or artistic ones? Let's explore this concept and the relationship between 2D and 3D shapes in this geometrial experiment.


Worksheets with symmetry images

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