STEAM workshops under theme of biology

Theme: Biology

What does biology encompass? This extensive discipline includes the study of all living things, animals, plants, the underwater world... Through practical experiments, creative manipulations, and playful activities, children will immerse themselves in the study of various living beings, helping them understand the complexity of nature and envision the crucial role of some species in the delicate balance of our ecosystem. These workshops aim to cultivate a love for nature, stimulate scientific curiosity, and promote a deep appreciation for all living things around us.

Animal mask - K - Gr. 3

Is it Halloween? No, but we can still make a mask of an animal and understand some of their features...

Kids wearing polar bear masks

Animal prints - K - Gr. 3

Animal trackers recognise animals by their print on the ground. Let's become trackers today!

A black and white picture of three animal tracks.

Chlorophyl - Gr. 2 +

The colours of the leaves are beautiful in the fall; all the red, orange, yellow and other autumn shades! But, why aren't leaves green? Let's do an experiment to understand.

Autumn only

Fluorescent chlorophyl

In my body (series) - Gr. 1 +

In my body... a series of exciting workshops dedicated to exploring the human body, specially designed to awaken curiosity and understanding in the fascinating universe of anatomy, bodily systems, and internal functioning of the organism. During these interactive workshops, children will have the unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of human biology; from the skeleton to the teeth, and the functioning of organs, children will discover how all these systems work together to keep us healthy. Click here for the list of workshops within the "In my body theme."


Skeleton and organs

Life cycles - Gr. 1 +

Butterfly, cocoon, crysalid, worm…

Frog, tadpole, egg...

Are these all the same organism? Yes! We will rebuild its life cycle, squiggles and all, in a 3D artistic workshop of the life cycle of the frog or the butterfly.


A paper plate with a butterfly and leaf on it.

Nice tree - K - Gr. 3

Sciences, arts, function, form… a little bit of each! Let’s be creative and build a tree from various articles from nature. We will study the purpose of each component in this imaginative activity.

A tree with branches and leaves on it

Plant needs (long term commitment) - Gr. 1 +

What is the relationship between a seed and a plant? Where do the leaves or stems come from? What does a seed or a plant need to grow? Let’s see all this in a long, slow-paced experiment.

Plant needs

Thaumatrope - Gr. 1 +

Optical illusion? Magic? Sciences? It’s a bit of all that! A thaumatrope teaches us about something called retinal persistence, which causes our eyes to mislead our brain into seeing something that isn’t!

A picture of two different images with the words mon thaumatrope

Underwater discovery - K - Gr. 2

What hides in the depths of the seas and the oceans? Who are these nocturnal animals? Let's explore!

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