STEAM workshops under theme of “In my Body”

Theme: In my Body

In my body... a series of exciting workshops dedicated to exploring the human body, specially designed to awaken curiosity and understanding in the fascinating universe of anatomy, bodily systems, and internal functioning of the organism. During these interactive workshops, children will have the unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of human biology; from the skeleton to the teeth, and the functioning of organs, children will discover how all these systems work together to keep us healthy.

Articulated Hand - Gr. 4 +

A hand is complex, delicate and necessary instrument in everyday life. Thanks to a simple and ingenious DIY, we will make a rudimentary articulated hand that will be capable of picking up objects.

A colorful paper toy with markers on top of it.

DNA - Gr. 1 +

Did you notice her green eyes? Why are the descendants of Queen Victoria often haemophiliac? Who committed the crime? DNA will give us all the answers! Together, we will extract the DNA of today’s accused: a banana!

A close up of the eyes of a person

Heart & Lungs - Gr. 1 -6

Inhale, exhale ... why can some people breathe deeper than others? What happens during breathing? How do the lungs and the heart work? Two simple experiments answer these and other questions.

A drawing of the lungs with many different parts.

Muscles - Gr. 4 +

Without our muscles, we cannot move. These fibres are attached to our bones et they pull them with each contraction.

Skeleton & Organs - Gr. 1 - 5

Many things keep our body standing and make it functional: bones, organs, systems… How are they organised? What are their uses? Let’s put them together and find out!

Skeleton and organs

Spinal Cord - Gr. 3 +

The spinal cord is somewhat the soft pillar of our body, an alternating series of 33 bones and cartilage, it also protects our spinal cord that transmits messages between the brain and the rest of the body.

Thaumatrope - Gr. 1 +

Optical illusion? Magic? Sciences? It’s a bit of all that! A thaumatrope teaches us about something called retinal persistence, which causes our eyes to mislead our brain into seeing something that isn’t!

A picture of two different images with the words mon thaumatrope

The Teeth - K - Gr. 3

Teeth… we don't have any when we are born. Over the 16-18 years, we will have 32. They all have different shapes for different fonctions. Let's examine these!

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