STEAM workshops under theme of optics and colours

Theme: Optics and Colours

Optics are how we see things. Our eyes can see beautiful things and we can create them too! In this series of workshops, we will mix colours to obtain new ones and understand that black is not black! We will make paintings using chemistry and trick our eyes into seeing things that are not. We will explore the properties of light and water while creating artistic pieces and much more!

Agamograph - K - Gr. 8

Art in motion? One art piece; 2 drawings; 2 points of view… Is it art, cinema, optical illusion? Actually, it’s a bit of all of that, but most of all, it’s pretty!

Two folded paper with different designs on them.

Chemistry for art - K - Gr. 2

Chemistry to make art? Shaving cream to make modern patterns? This is what will do in this series of experiments that combine art and chemistry!

A close up of the painting with red, yellow and blue colors.

Collage: Stained glass & Mosaic - K - Gr. 4

Take an image, two artistic techniques, a bit of luminosity and transparancy, and voila… two unique art pieces! Light plays tricks on us!


Density in colour - Gr. 3 +

What is density? Does it have to do something with weight? Let's test this phenomenom with a solute in a solvent.

Tube à essai

Kaleidoscope - Gr. 2 +

What is a kaleidoscope? An optical illusion? Magic? Art? Actually, it is a little bit all these things. We will solve this mystery by each making our own decorated instrument.

A pattern of colorful balls on black background.

Liquid Rainbow/Chromatography - K - Gr. 3

If we mix primary colours, we obtain secondary colours. But, can colours mix on their own by “climbing” on paper? That’s what we will explore in this enchanted and colourful experiment!

A group of cups filled with different colored liquid.

Physics in a flower - K - Gr. 5

Diffusion, absorption, chromatography, capillary action… a few big words to describe an artistic experiment!

A colorful flower with many colors on it

Quilling - Gr. 4 +

What is the use of paper? Write words, make paper airplanes, write books, copy our schoolwork, yes… and much more! Today, we’re making art with coloured paper rolls!

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