Virtual Parties

Hands-on workshops your kids can do virtually with their friends!

Playdate ? Birthday ? Gather your kids' friends from the ends of the world, or the end of the street for a virtual workshop!

Several themes: Sciences, DIY'Art, Exotic Animals or Yoga

Kids can't chat on a video-conference like we can; they need an orientation, a game or an activity. Book a virtual birthday celebration for your 4-17 year olds with their friends  They'll get a chance to see each other while doing a fun, yet educational activity.

We will help you choose the activity, send you the list of materials/ingredients as well as a Zoom link and voila, you start your party!

Virtual Workshop: Agamograph Image

Here is what you need:

  • A screen (computer, tablet, phone) connected to the internet
  • A webcam so your friends can see you
  • Audio turned on so your friends can hear you
  • An adult to help set up
  • A few children to participate and play

Practical Information

  • Ages: 4 to 17 year-olds
  • Workshop length: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Workshop capacity: up to 15 children - depending on the ages
  • Workshop format: virtual hands-on activities
  • Material and equipment: common household items - list provided in advance
  • Supervision: some preparation and possibly some assistance for younger kids
  • Price: $175+HST per group

List of materials necessary for each of workshop will be emailed once registration is complete. Materials are limited to household items you likely already have in your cupboards.

For more information, please contact us at: [email protected]

Theme options

  • Science
  • DIY'Art
  • Yoga
  • NEW! Discover the world of exotic animals with EducaZoo
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Science Workshop Choices

Choices for ages 4-5 years (30-45 minutes):

  • 3D Paint
  • Art Fizz
  • Bath bomb
  • Thaumatrope
  • Underwater discovery
Merci Peint 3D

Choices for ages 6-8 years (45-60 minutes):

  • Absorption & Chromatography
  • As time goes by
  • Bath Bomb
  • Gooey Slime and Bouncy Ball (parent's help needed)
  • Inside my body
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Squiggly worm
  • Thaumatrope
  • Volcanic Eruption
Three kids in front of their "volcanoes."

Choices for ages 9-12 years (45-60+ minutes):

  • Articulated Hand
  • As Time goes by
  • Construction Challenge
  • Gooey Slime and Bouncy Ball
  • My Mobile
  • My Solar System
  • Plant Maze
Articulated hand

DIY'Arts Workshop Choices

Choices for ages 4-5 years (30-45 minutes):

  • Collage art
  • Maracas
  • Play dough
  • Wind Chime
Picture of maracas

Choices for ages 6-8 years (45-60 minutes):

  • Agamograph
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Paper balls
  • Quilliing
  • String bowl
  • Wind chime
Yarn Basket

Choices for ages 9-12 years (45-60+ minutes):

  • Agamograph
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Paper balls
  • Quilling
  • Wind chime
  • Yarn bowl
Image of Agamograph

Choice of EducaZoo Workshops

Workshops are adapted to 2 age groups: 5-10 year-olds and 11-17 year-olds

Grey African Parrot
Snake picture

See and "Touch" it all !
During this virtual animation, you will come into contact with a mix of species including reptiles, mammals as well as many others (birds, amphibians, arthropods, mollusks, etc.)

Creepers and Crawlers !
If you have an appreciation for creatures with scales and for slightly strange animals, this option is for you. During this activity you will meet many reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.

Hair and Feathers !
This is an ideal option for children who prefer soft and cuddly animals. They will meet a variety of species from the world of mammals and birds.

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$175+HST per workshop/group

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