Wind Chimes

Photo by John Nzoka on Unsplash
Photo by John Nzoka on Unsplash

Do you hear that? It sounds like chimes blowing in the wind. And bells ringing softly. What could it be? Perhaps they are windchimes! Wind chimes are a type of instrument created with suspended tubes, bells, rods, and other items. They are then hanged somewhere outside, where the wind will blow and make gentle sounds and whistles. Pretty neat huh!

The windchime was supposedly first known to be made around 1100 BC in China when civilizations created earlier versions of windchimes called Fenglings. They were used to attract certain types of good spirits and deter bad ones. Soon enough through trading and travel, the windchime idea was brought to Western societies, and was turned into what we know today! Through all the history and mystery of the wind chime and its original whereabouts, many people still enjoy its playful and graceful tunes on windy days.

At EXPLORUM, kids brought the wind chime idea back to life, giving it a new and young meaning and inventive form and design. All the while learning about different parts of this historic - and sometimes magical - musical instrument.

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Blog written by one of our participants.