Virtual Workshops

Virtual Hands-on Workshops

Not sure if schools will be online or in person? Are you looking for extracurricular activities for your kids that won't get cancelled if teaching goes virtual?

EXPLORUM offers weekly virtual workshops that your kids can do from the comfort and safety of your kitchen.

Virtual activities collage

Each week, we lead a different workshop: Science, Magic or Arts & Crafts; our activities are the ideal solution to keep your kids busy for an hour while you carry on with your busy life! Kids have fun and learn something interesting without even realising it. Our counsellors guide them step by step through the activity via videoconferencing.

We will send you a list of material needed to carry out each workshop - nothing complicated: paper, markers, scissors, glue, baking soda, flour etc. All household items you already have in your cupboards! We will even help you in case you need to substitute

Combine the art of science with the science of art, add a zest of magic and Voilà, you have the perfect combination of extracurricular workshops in these uncertain times.

Here is what you need

  • A screen (computer, tablet, phone) connected to the internet
  • A webcam so you can see us when we deliver the workshop
  • Audio turned on so you can ask questions and discuss the activity
  • An adult to set up and maybe help in some cases
  • The materials from the list each week
  • A child to carry out the activity

Practical Information

  • Ages: 6 to 12 year-olds
  • Frequency: Weekly over 10 weeks
  • Dates: October 12 (long weekend) to December 17
    • Mondays - 6-8 year olds in French
    • Tuesdays - 6-8 year olds in English
    • Wednesdays - 9-12 year olds in French
    • Thursdays - 9-12 year olds in English
  • Times: 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. (length is approximate)
  • Workshop format: Hands-on activities
  • Material: List provided October 9, 2020
  • Price: $160+HST for the 10-week session
  • Registration deadline: October 7, 2020

Register here! $160 +HST for the 10-workshop series.

EXPLORUM reserves the right to cancel the workshops if a minimum number of registrations is not reached. Payment will not be processed until the 10-week session is confirmed.