Virtual Programs Anyone?

Your children like to explore, do, manipulate, build and more, but you don't dare send them to a program? Your school board has limited or eliminated French classes this year, but French is still very important to you?

The words "confinement, phase 2, deconfinement, phase 3, first wave, second wave, virulence..." confuse you, but your kids still want to enjoy their day, have fun, and you want them to learn something (and give you some peace and quiet while you work!)? You have found THE solution: EXPLORUM's virtual activities! They will get a chance to carry out a fun, but educational activities and you'll get an hour or so of peace and quiet. 

Keep them busy this Christmas holiday with our virtual camps!

Enroll them in a Speak French weekly classes this fall!

Register them to an afterschool virtual workshops!

Book their virtual playdates and birthday parties!