Offers 5 to 12-year olds (grades 1 to 6) cool and educational custom extracurricular programs in French.

SCIENCES: Cultivate their interest in science by carrying out exciting STEAM based challenges and fun experiments.

ARTS: Bring out their artistic talents in artsy sensational DIY workshops.

COOKING: Allow them to discover French Cuisine and concoct meals from all over the world: crepes, quiches, cookies, salads, pizza, smoothies… and much more!

There’s fun for everyone!

EXPLORUM comes to your location for lunch-time programs, in-class workshops, after-school care or camp activities.

Or, bring your children to a Scientastic Saturdays session offered in North York.


Available Programs

Scientastic Saturdays

In partnership with one of Toronto's best bilingual schools! Your child is curious and hands-on? Scientastic Saturdays offer a unique opportunity to turn them into a small scientist in a real laboratory where every child has a workspace and scientific equipment adapted to their level.


Programs offered weekly in the comfort of your school at lunchtime over the span of 6 to 8 weeks.

Science@Noon Cooking@Noon; Create@Noon

Show your students the fun aspect of science, cooking, or art workshops without dealing with bussing, traffic, Toronto roads, and centres that are too vast to keep them safe!

EXPLORation Workshops

Hands-on workshops offered from Kindergarten to Grade 8 students during the school days to enrich your curriculum. Offered within the comfort of your own school. Enhance your student's interest in science, hands-on crafts, and culinary arts through exciting yet educational workshops offered at your school (no bussing or traffic to deal with).

Enfants au camp dehors


Vacation Science
Add a touch of Sciences to your camp programming with the fun yet educational EXPLORUM experiments!

Little Cook
Forgot your snack? No problem, campers will do their own in these culinary workshops.

A bit of art, a touch of hands-on crafts and some DIY are the perfect recipe for a successful camp program!


After-school care could be so much more with hands-on science, arts, and culinary workshops that feed your kids' brains as well as their creativity and their taste buds!

Offered in the afternoon at participating schools and daycares.

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